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SILTEMP Sewing Thread

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Metalized sewing treads should be used for fabricating items where thread breakage may be a problem, and where high temperature resistance is required

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Item #



Thread Number Plies

Nominal Spool Length

Nominal Cone Weight

Nominal Cone Length

Item Name

20 Metalized 0.016 inches 2 m/kg 3000 m N/A N/A SILTEMP Sewing Thread
13 Metalized 0.020 inches 3 m/kg 3000 m N/A N/A SILTEMP Sewing Thread
Y-40 Silica 0.040 inches N/A N/A 24 oz 1050 yds SILTEMP Sewing Thread
Y-50 Silica 0.050 inches N/A N/A 24 oz 500 yds SILTEMP Sewing Thread
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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