Fiberfrax Moist Pak D insulation is made from strong ceramic fiber blankets impregnated with inorganic bonding agents. Moist Pak D is a flexible insulation that air dries to form a hard, rigid structure.

Unit of Measure


Temperature Grade

N/A 2000F

Recommended Operating Temperature

N/A 1850F

Melting Point

N/A 3260F


N/A White

Organic Binders

N/A No

Thermal Conductivity (BTU/in/hr/sf/F)

N/A 0.8 at 1000F mean

Densities (lbs/cu ft)

N/A 15

Thickness (inches)

N/A 0.25 0.5

Width (inches)

N/A 24

Length (feet)

N/A 12.5


N/A Full Carton