• Coating Cements

    Fiberfrax Coating Cements QF-180, QF-180 Blue & QF-150 provide a range of consistencies for brush, spray or trowel applications. They possess good adhesion, thermal reflectance, dielectric strength, hot gas erosion, & effectively resist wetting by many nonferrous molten metals.

  • Rigidizer & Fiberstick

    Fiberfrax Ridigizer W is an inorganic liquid hardener that is used to increase the durability of our ceramic fiber blankets & boards. Fiberfrax Fiberstick is an air setting mortar used to adhere our ceramic fiber products to refractory surfaces & is rated to 3000F.

  • Top Coatings

    Fiberfrax Topcoats are used as protection against slag, alkali attack, & flame and hot gas erosion when applied to our ceramic fiber products. Topcoat 2600 & M are rated to 2600F, while Topcoat 3000 is rated to 3000F.

  • Moldable

    Fiberfrax Moldables have a putty-like consistency & adheres well to most surfaces. Upon drying, the moldables provide a strong, hard & erosion resistant result. They can be applied by caulking, troweling, hand forming or pumping. The LDS-AL possesses excellent resistance to wetting by many nonferrous molten metals, especially in aluminum contact applications

  • FC-25 Tamping Mix

    Fiberfrax FC-25 Tamping Mix is a wet mix that can be tamped into place. Fiberfrax Variform is a dry mix where you can add water on-site, mix & trowel into place.

  • Bulk Fibers

    Fiberfrax Bulk Fibers are manufactured in various chemistries to have temperature rating of 2300F, 2600F & 3000F. These Bulk Fibers are used as fill & packing insulation in high temperature applications.

  • Specialty Bulk Fibers

    Specialty Bulk Fibers, modified by chopping or removal of unfiberized particles, result in Washed Fibers, Chopped Fibers & Ball Milled Fibers.

  • Ceramic Heating Elements

    These Silicon Carbide Heating Elements are used in industrial Furnaces & Kilns. They are available in a straight bar, straight bar with grooves and a single end bayonet design, all rated at least to 2800F.

  • Heating Element Accessories

    Accessories such as Clamps, Straps & Terminal Tubes are available

  • Modules

    The Anchored Modules are secured to the interior steel shell of the furnace or kiln with our different attachment methods. The Bonded Modules do not have any anchor plate, but can be installed to an existing refractory lining with Fiberstick Mortar to help improve efficiency.